Parents Teachers Association


                        The KMEA College of Arts & Science, Kuzhivelippady, Edathala, PARENT- TEACHERS ASSOCIATION is re-constituted at the institutional level for the ACADEMIC YEAR 2018-19, a forum for Parents and Teachers to have close contacts aiming the all round positive developments of the institution and to create the best Academic atmosphere. The Committee is entrusted with the duties of planning and executing measures for proper functioning of the institution in consultation with the Principal and to advise the Principal for implementing measures for ensuring the Quality in the Teaching-Learning Process within the Institution. The PTA is also committed many creative activities, including instituting Endowments, Scholarships, Prizes, Medals, Orientations and to motivate students in achieving their goals and ambitions. The association consists of the following members.


  1. K.M. Abdul Karim (Principal) (PRESIDENT)
  2. Abdulla Sali (Parent of Faisal Ali Noushad -3rd Sem.B.Com Tax) –


  1. Prof. Annath Rasheed (Dept. of BBA) (SECRETARY)
  2. Prof. Janna Mol P M (Dept. of Maths) (JOINT SECRETARY)


  1. Ameena Kadarkunju(Parent of Muhammed Ramees, 5th Sem.BCA )
  2. Arifa Nasar (Parent of Muhammed Imran, 5th Sem.B.Com CA)
  3. Shareena Navas (Parent of Amal, 5th Sem BBA)
  4. Ali Thayyath (Parent of Aslam T A, 5th  Sem. B.Com. Tax.)
  5. Abdul Khader (Parent of Hiba Fathima , 3rd Sem BBA)
  6. Abdul Jabbar (Parent of Raeesa , 3rd Sem BCA)
  7. Aysha Khader (Parent of Ahammed Mithilaj 3rd Sem B.Com CA)
  8. Prof. Saritha Vinod
  9. Prof.Rahmath Beevi
  10. Prof. Kala Krishnakumar