The Kerala Muslim Educational Association (KMEA) was established way back in the year 1957,  with the noble aim of setting up  of  Educational and Social Institutions, promoting Education and Training among all the sections of  the Community,  by providing financial assistance to the deserving students. The late Shri. Poker Sahib, an eminent Parliamentarian and Philanthropist, and late Shri. K. M. Seethi Sahib, the  former speaker of the Kerala Legislative Assembly, were the key forces behind the KMEA movement. The former Chief Minister of the Kerala, late  Shri C. H. Mohammed Koya, had also actively participated in the formation and promoting this Association. The Association aims at promoting Quality Education and Philanthropy , with the special emphasis on uplifting  the down trodden  classes and empowering  the weaker sections of the  society.

                         At present KMEA runs KMEA College of Arts and Science, KMEA Engineering College, and KMEA College of Architecture , all in the Kuzhivelipady Campus, Seethi Sahib Memorial Polytechnic College at Tirur, Malappuram and Abdulla Haji Ahmed Sait Memorial KMEA Al Manar Higher Secondary School,Kuzhivelippady, Edathala , Aluva. Ever since of  establishment, KMEA has been extending Financial Assistance and Scholarships to the needy, meritorious and talented students, for their Higher Education, especially  in the Professional and Technical Fields. KMEA had been providing Scholarships and Stipends,amounting to more than one crores of rupees , during the last five years. In addition to Scholarships and Stipends ,the Association  is implementing "FEE WAIVER   SCHEME", in each year ,in all the Educational  Instituitions ,among   all  the classes of students,irrespectinve of Caste,Creed ,Religion and Gender. 


                                The Block Letters ,at the bottom of the picture GLOBE, stands for "KERALA MUSLIM EDUCATIONAL ASSOCIATION". The Emblem symbolizes the Vision and Mission of KMEA in the Educational Advancements, as a Global Movement. The large opened book on the picture Globe, is the "BOOK OF KNOWLEDGE AND SCIENCE" , symbolizing the opening of wide Horizons of Education, which is the  CORE MISSION  OF KMEA, for Enlightening Humanity.