An  "INTERNAL  QUALITY ASSURANCE  CELL"( IQAC ), is very well functioning in our Instituition ,fostering Quality Enhancement,   in all respects , under the  relevant parameters and aspects .The Principal , Prof. K.M. Abdulkarim, is the Chair-Person and Asst.Prof. Sangeetha K(Department Of BCA ) is the Co-Ordinator of the IQAC. The IQAC is functioning,considering  all stakeholders of the Institution,viz: Departments,Students,Parents,Local bodies, Alumni ,etc. It also includes  Section Heads such as Library, Sports, Examination and Evaluation,Co-Curricular and Extra-Curricular Activities, Management  Representatives , Administrative Personnel  , Local Community Representation  and  the Mentor Instituition (MES College, Marampally). The IQAC meets periodically to review the progress of the Institution lieu of its QUALITY ENHANCEMENT ,based on the specified  "CRITERIA",  put forward by  the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) .The IQAC has formulated an "ACTION PLAN", in the month of MAY 2020, for conducting Online Classes by all the Departments,Webinars on different subjects,Online Competitions,Online Career Guidance  Classes,Club/Cell  Activities etc.,so as to suit the present pandemic situations,prevailing in  the State of Kerala, due to COVID-19.


         To build  and ensure a Quality culture with in the Instituition,leading to all round excellence, in  Quality Bench Mark,processes and sustenance initiatives.


  • Developing  Quality Culture with  in the Institution.
  • • To Channelize and Systematize the efforts and measures towards Academic Excellence.
  • Documentation of the various Programs/Activities leading to Quality Improvement.
  • • To ensure Periodical Assessment and Accreditation of the Academic Programs, Projects, Researches, and Extension Activities.
  • • To build a Firm Association with  the Stakeholders and to stimulate Social Responsibility.


                  The IQAC Co-Ordinates all  the Quality-Related Activities by developing an Organized Methodology of Documentation and Internal Communication. The IQAC spearheads the conduct of the Internal and External Academic Audit of the Departments Activities, which promotes Quality, Accountability and Transparency. An effective Feedback System has been developed  in the Instituition to  facilitate the Feedback Process for monitoring  the Quality and Efficacy of the policies and processes of the institution.


  • •  To Co-ordinate Quality-related Activities by developing an organized methodology of documentation and Internal Communication.
  • •  To develop an ethical work culture in the Institute.
  • • To  Integrate the activities of the College to ensure adoption and dissemination of best practices.
  • To spearhead the conduct of Internal and External Academic Audits of departments to Promote quality, Accountability, and Transparency.
  • •  To create and maintain a system of feedback on processes and policies of the College from Stakeholders.
  • •  To prepare the Annual Quality Assurance Report (AQAR) as per NAAC guidelines.
  • • To Co-Ordinate programs that aim at advancing the Career prospects of faculty members.
  • To organize special programs for advanced learners and slow learners to suit their needs motivate them and provide Opportunities to explore options for growth.
  • •  To collect  feedback from different stakeholders, analyze and suggest remedial actions for all Stakeholder satisfaction.
  • • To initiate the integration of new methods of Teaching, Learning, and Evaluation, especially methods that are Technology-Oriented.
  • •  To organize Workshops, Webinars, and Seminars on quality-related issues/themes and thus promote a culture of quality in all areas and activities .
  • To promote the creation and maintenance of a Learner-Centric Environment and adoption of participatory teaching and learning.
  • To Contribute to the decision-making process related to the functioning of the Institution.
  • To  Promote Inter-Institutional endeavors to facilitate resource sharing and promotion of research.


  • Prof.K.M Abdul Karim   (Principal) -  Chair Person

    Asst.Prof.Sangeetha K   -  IQAC Co-Ordinator

    Asst.Prof.Nidhin K.R  - Joint Co-Ordinator

    Dr.Amar Nishad  - College Director


    *Asst.Prof.Dhanya Kuriakose (BCA)

    *Asst.Prof.Saritha Vinod (English)

    *Asst.Prof.Thejus John (BBA)

    *Asst.Prof.Sajeena M.A (Commerce)

    *Adv.K.A. Abdul Jaleel (Management)

    *Adv.P.A .Abdul Majeed Parakkadan ( Management)

    *Ms.Anisha Shaji   (Administrative Officer)

    *Ms.Sreedhu V.H (Accounts Assistant)

    *Ms.Saritha Nair(Office Assistant)

    *Ms.Ancy K.A(Computer Expertise)

    *Mr.Maya Dasan (Member ,Edathala Panchayath)

    *Ms.Nazarban P.N(5th Semester B.Com Tax B) –Students’ Representative

    *Nominee from Alumini  -  Mr.Krishnamurthy D

    *P.T.A   Vice President -  Mr.Siyad P.H


    . Prof.K.M Abdul Karim  - Principal

    . Ms.Sangeetha K - IQAC Co-Ordinator

    . Ms.Anisha Shaji - Administrative Officer

    . Ms.Sreedhu V.H   - Accounts Assistant