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B.C.A. ASSOCIATION (2023-2024) 






                  The Computer Application Association (AAGNEYAS) of KMEA College of Arts and Science was started in the academic year 2014-15, with an aim to supplement students’ academic learning with skills needed to make them enable for successful careers in the IT industry.


  • Help students develop problem-solving skills, especially those required to analyze, design and implement solutions involving the use of a computer.
  • Provide a background in modern computing systems and the theoretical aspects of computer science.
  • Challenge students to consider the ethical and social impacts of technology, enabling them to take responsible actions.
  • Prepare students for continued learning in a rapidly changing discipline.


To provide a nurturing and trusting environment to learn and grow.


To provide skilled manpower to the IT industry in the country

AAGNEYAS 2020-21- Committee Members:


Chairman                   : 

Secretary                    :

Treasurer                  : 

Staff coordinator       :

Proposed activities for the year 2022-23

  • .Inter collegiate fest
  • .Hardware workshop
  • .Current technology seminars
  • .Current technology seminars     


                           BBA  ASSOCIATION  (EXUBERANT) 2023-2024


                            BBA Association provides the students with diverse and valuable opportunities to further build on their professional skills outside the classroom. In addition, we give students a variety of opportunities to participate in exciting social events on and off campus to create lasting connections with faculty and peers. Association strives to build leaders of today to become managers of tomorrow by giving students valuable opportunities to conquer new heights in the modern business world.


    Association aims to provide the members with an array of social and academic events. Provides valuable opportunities to expand their leadership skills managerial competence and enhance their soft skills.


   To equip students to face the modern challenges and inculcating managerial capacity to climb corporate ladders.


. Improving communication and leadership skills of students

  • .Conduct more activities with increased participation of students
  • .Encouraging students to innovate new ideas and products

 Activities conducted in 2019-20

 Inauguration: The activities of BBA Association “EXUBERANT” for 2019-20 was formally inaugurated by Dr.Sreejith.S, Asst.Professor, School of Legal Studies, CUSAT. In his inaugural talk, he had given insights into the laws prevail in the country which are of utmost importance to the student and teaching community.

 Industrial Visits: The students along with faculty visited industries like TATA Tea Munnar and CAMPCO,Ernakulam.

Members of Exuberant for the Academic Year 2022-23



: Asst. Prof. Kala Krishnakumar






Staff Co-ordinator

 Proposed Activities (2023-2024)

. Inauguration of the activities of the Association.

. Session with a corporate leader on Team Building & Leadership skills.

 . Conducting business quiz.

  • . Green campus initiative.




                 The activities of the PG Department of Commerce are spearheaded by the Commerce Association of KMEA College of Arts and Science each year. The association has each and every student of the department as its active members. The association is led by a body consisting of Association President, Vice-President, Secretary and treasurer, the perfects of each class under the guidance of Head of the Department, Association- in-charge teachers and other faculties of the department. The association plays an important role in making the department a front runner, in and out of the college.


We focus on the physical, spiritual, intellectual , moral, and aesthetic power of students to transform them into intellectually trained, morally upright, socially committed and spiritual inspired youth.


We change the lives of a group of committed youth by making their dreams come true and to make an immortal impact in the society by emerging as true leaders.




The Commerce Association during the academic year 2020-21 conducted programmes with the following objectives.

  1. To bring about an overall development in the outlook of its members by imparting the necessary skills.
  2. To develop the soft skills and leadership skills among students through conducting various programmes.
  3. To channel the vision and mission of students towards lucrative career opportunity.
  4. To develop a harmonious relationship with the fellow students of other college by way of participating in the activities and competitions held in other campus.
  5. To acquire event hosting skills by way of conducting inter collegiate, inter department and inter class programmes.
  6. To put the concept of  “Espirit De Crops” into practice.


The inauguration of the Commerce Association – "COMFIESTA 2020" for the academic year 2019-2020 took place on 1st  February 2020 at 10.00 AM at KMEA College of Arts and Science College Mini Auditorium. The programme started by prayer. The welcome address was delivered by Asst. Prof. Bubina Abdulkhadir, Head of the  P.G. Department of Commerce. Presidential address was delivered by Prof. Abdul Karim, Principal, KMEA College of Arts and Science, Kuzhivelipady. The chief guest Mr. Sangeeth Vinod, Singer from Padam Namuk Padam Television reality show, inaugurated the ceremony. Master Althaf A. Shanavas, Chairman  was delivered felicitation and  finally, the event came to a close with the Vote of thanks by Asst.Prof. Charley Bivera.