Clubs & Cells


Nature Club

The Nature Club of KMEA College Of Arts & Science has always been committed to sensitizing its students on issues relating to environmental degradation. Thus it encourages its members to be pro-active towards sustainable development in their given milieu

            The KMEA Nature Club consists of a dedicated group of students who are not there just to wear a badge, and get an extra tick on their report card. This club embodies passion for and devotion to mother nature and her creations. 

            The club named by "BOOMITHRASENA" was inagurated on 5th June 2017 by planting Saplingsin the college Campus . It  was jointly inaugurated by our College Principal Prof. K M Abdul Karim ,Dr Amar Nishad(Director of KMEA Group of Institutions),Dr. P.A Abdul MajeedParakkadan (Secretary of KMEA Group of Institutions) by planting Saplings on the Environment Day . After that each department of our college planted trees with the Participation of students.



To create awareness among the youth about the importance of conserving nature and its resources.


Our mission is to gradually downturn the use of plastic , plant trees to protect our earth and thus to build up an eco friendly environment.


Aims & Objectives

  • Spreading environment literacy- particularly on solid waste management and agriculture production


  • Creating awareness about the need for scientific segregation of waste at  source



  • Reducing the dependence on plastic products & suggesting alternate options like cloth, jute etc.


  • Promoting organic cultivation of vegetables in households & institutions.


Executive Committee Members

Faculty in Charge: Asst prof. Vincy Bin Aisha

Staff Advisors: DrSreekanth K.B, Husna P A, Anshifa (Asst.Professors of Kmea Arts & Science College)

Tresurer:Parvathy B (Second Year Bcom Finance and Taxation)

Secretary :JasnaJafer (Final Year Bcom Computer Application)

Joint Secretary :SalmanulFarizi (Second Year Bcom Finance and Taxation)



The "BhoomithraSena " has the following future plans:


  • Organic Gardening
  • Earth Hour Campaign
  • Training program for Eco Club Teachers of attached schools on E-Waste Management

Film, music and Drama Club


The Music Club has been set up to encourage talent in music- instrumental as well as vocal. Members participate in all the cultural activities of the college and also in the inter-college and intra-university functions. All interested and talented students are encouraged to join as members.


The Music Club shall be to bring together enrolled students who genuinely enjoy music and to provide events and activities for students and the community to express themselves.


To its members the Music Club, through exemplary practices in organization, training, and presentation, should endeavor to provide effective experiences in musical education, in music culture, in musical recreation and in general citizenship. The Club focuses on bringing out the musical talents (both vocal and instrumental) and providing them a stage to perform.



                                  This club consisting of students who were interested in film and drama. Activities includes acting, cinematography, script writing etc…..



 To inculcate in the student community, an appetite for acting and drama works and to build up an inquisitive student community, with a social outlook, through active participation in drama and film field.



 To build a responsible student community and to make an understanding about the current status of film and drama fields and reveal their talents in these fields.



Literary, Debate and Quiz Club

 Literary, Debate and Quiz club of K M E A College of Arts and Science encourages reading and literary participation of our students by conducting various literary activities like debates and quizzes. The club is more act as a literacy event in the college to develop literary foundation they need to become lifelong learners and readers.

             Literary debate and quiz club inauguration of K M E A college of Arts and Science for the academic year 2017-18 was held on reading day, 19-07- 2017 by adv. Majeed Parakkadan, secretary of K M E A group of institutions. He reminded both the students and faculties about the importance of reading and asked to conduct a series of programs which emphasis the reading habit among students.  The function was presided over by prof. ABDUL Karim, Principle of K M E A College of Arts and Science and Saritha Vinod welcomed the gathering. Assi. Prof. Anu C . Soman delivered the vote of thanks.

On behalf of reading day the club could be able to conduct two day book fair for the students to enhance their access to reading.


Organizational Structure


Assi. Prof. Raseena Aboo – Convenor and In charge of English

Assi. Prof. Anu C Soman – Joint Convenor and In charge of Malayalam

Students joint Secretary- Salmanul Farizi (2nd year B.Com Taxation)

1st year Rep- Deen Elizabeth (1st year B.Com Computer Application)

2nd year Rep- Twinkle Rajan (2nd year B.Com Computer Application)

3rd Year Rep- Sanooja (3rd year B.Com Taxation)





Proposed Action – Plan for the Academic year 2017-18


  • Monthly meeting of the club on every Fridays to hold active discussions
  • August- poetry writing competition on the theme of “ Onam of Modern age”
  • October- Celebration of birthday of Changambuzha Krishnapilla ( 10-10-2017)
  • November- Keralapiravi Aghosham
  • December- Poster Making Competition and speaking extemporaneously competition ( 01-01-2017)
  • January – Quiz competition.
  • February- international Mother Language Day Celebration on 21- 02-2018


  Members of Literary, Debate and Quiz Club

  1. Deena Elizabeth
  2. Althaf azeez
  3. Noufal
  4. Milan
  5. Nifan
  6. Riyana
  7. Aamy
  8. Amrutha
  9. Hiba
  10. Suhaila
  11. Athira
  12. Mariuam Mahsooma
  13. Jasna Jaffer
  14. Husna
  15. Dilber Azeez
  16. Farzeen Nizhath
  17. Abdhul Azar
  18. Sajad Malik
  19. Fathima Farsana
  20. K M Sumal
  21. Rishad Musthafa



Woman Cell

The Women  Empowerment Cell of  KMEA College Of Arts & Science has aims at empowering and developing the personalities of  the College’s women students. It organizes programmes for the benefit of  both the students and local community and it seeks to enable students to do well in life regardless of gender. We pave the path  for creating  opportunities and programs for female gender to be mentally and emotionally empowered so as to promote their growth as individuals in their own right.




To empower and create awareness about the rights and capabilities within women


Our mission is to gradually enable students to do well in life regardless of gender.


  • To promote a culture of respect and equality for female gender.
  • To conduct seminar, workshop to impart knowledge of opportunities and tools available and train the women.
  • Conducting various competitions to encourage their artistic talents for creative thinking





   Assistant Professor
   Department of Commerce


   1. TEENA ( Joint Convenor )


   3. HUSNA P A

   Assistant Professors

   Department of Commerce





The " Women  Empowerment Cell " has the following future plans:


  • To organize short term training class on flower making and ornament making.
  • To organize a Seminar or Workshop on relating to “Women Entreprenuership Development”
  • To conduct Food fest in association with various departments in our college.
  • To visit any Kudumbashree Unit by the members of Women’s Empowerment Club.
  • To organize a handicrafts exhibition by the students.
  • To celebrate Women’s Day on 8th March 2018





The official Inauguration of pain and palliative care unit of K M E a College of Arts nad science, of the academic year 2017-18 with the blood donation program has inaugurated by Amar Nishad, Director of K M E A on 19-07-2017 at the main auditorium. JafferJebbar, (coorinator of pain and palliative care and  Head of the department of commerce) welcomed the gathering and Prof abdulkarim sir, ( Principal of K M EA College of Arts and science, delivered the presidential address. Dr.Swathy, Amritha institute of medical science was the chief guest, who reminded the students about the inevitability of such pain and palliative care units in the educational institutions. She also congratulated the teachers in charge and students co-coordinators for their laborious task to conduct the program. Arif Bin Ansar, student coordinator delivered the vote of thanks.

           Over 120 Students registered for Blood donation. Around 100 stdents donated Blood. Dr. Radha Krishnan offered a presentation memento to the principle, at the end of the program. The complete program was sponsored by MEITHIEN HAAJI MEMORIAL TRUST. The programe was huge success with the support of student coordinators



   Effective pain relief and quality palliative care  among students


Our mission is to catalyze the development of effective pain relief and quality palliative care services




   Assistant Professor
Department of Computer Applications


1.Naziya P M

  Department of Computer Applications

  2.Jaffer Jabbar

  Department of Commerce

  3.Dany Varkey

  General Department





The "PAIN AND PALLIATIVE UNIT " has the following future plans:


  • To visit school of mentally retarded students
  • To conduct any charity works.



Ethics and value Educational committee

          Individually or organizationally, values determine what is right and what is wrong, and doing what is right or wrong is what we mean by ethics. To behave ethically is to behave in a manner consistent with what is right or moral. Ethics and value committee of K M E A College of Arts and Science emphasis on raising ethical values in students. The main aim of this committee is to  obtainethical literacy among students. Ideals and values have usually been determined by long-standing traditions and fixed social practices. In our modern world, the interaction of different cultures, movement from place to place, electronic media, and the rapidity of change, even within a given society, have combined to generate new constellations of ideals and hard choices among values.


To  obtainethical literacy among students.


Our mission is to graduallyenable the students opportunity to explore and examine  ethical issues


The key aim of ethics and value committee are:

  • To ensure every student at K M E A college of ats and science has the opportunity to explore and examine  ethical issues and wider world problems.
  • To provide opportunities for social, moral, spiritual and cultural education to
    underpin and support the remainder of their academic studies.
  • To encourage students to develop as a 'whole person'                  





Assistant Professor
Department of Computer Applications


1.Aparna George T

  Department of Commerce

  2.Ansa P A

Department of Management

  3.Nadeera K I

Department of Commerce





The "ETHICS AND VALUE COMMITTEE" has the following future plans:


  • To organize a Seminar On ethics and value
  • To conduct screen play against use of tobacco and drugs.