Hostel Rules

All Hostellers of the hostels are required to adhere to the rules and regulations of the hostel. Any breach of rule will invite disciplinary actions against the hosteller. 

1. After roll-call no Hosteller is allowed to leave the hostel but if an emergency arises, he/she must inform the Warden.
2. Hostellers can meet the Visitors (Parents / Local Guardian) during the visiting hours (details attached separately) with the prior permission of Warden / Resident Warden. For girls no one other than Parent or Local guardian will be entertained.
3. Visitors to the hostel inmates will be required to enter their names and address and the name of the student whom they want to see etc. in the register kept with the duty security guard at the college entrance. They will not be permitted to enter the Students rooms in the hostels.
4. Check In and Checkout should be properly entered in the register with the Warden.
5. Hostellers will not be entertained in the hostel during college working hours. If there is any necessity, the same should be permitted by Class in charge & HOD and to be informed to the Warden.
6. All Hostellers have to seek the written permission of the Warden & fill the Leave form duly signed with Hostel in charge and HOD for going to their homes or to their local guardians in case of emergency or need.
7. If any Hosteller is found missing from the hostel without the permission from the Warden/ Resident Warden, he/she will be severely dealt with disciplinary action with financial penalty to expulsion from the hostel.
8. Hostellers who are not feeling well/sick should inform to the Resident Warden before 8.00 A.M. on all college working days.
9. While visiting the dining hall, the common rooms, the Hostellers should be in their proper dress.
10. Use of narcotics, consumption of alcoholic beverages, smoking, betting, playing of cards and gambling are strictly prohibited.
11. Firearms, knives or such other weapons are strictly prohibited in the Hostel premises.
12. Ragging in any form is strictly prohibited. It constitutes an act of gross indiscipline and any person found involved in such an activity will be subjected to appropriate action from heavy fine to rustication/expulsion from the college.
13. Hostellers are expected to behave with due regards for the comforts and convenience of other colleagues. They should not speak loudly which is liable to disturb others.
14. Burning of crackers, howling, screaming etc. are strictly prohibited.
15. It shall be ensured by all Hostellers that they do not get involved in fighting among themselves, peer or with juniors. In case such incidents are brought to the management, appropriate disciplinary action will be taken against such students.
16. No hosteller should get involved in any argument/heated exchanges with the security and supporting staff. In case of any complaint against them, they should register the same in the register kept with Warden, giving their full details and identity.
17. Use of audio equipment/music systems in hostels is acceptable only if it is not objectionable to other residents.
18. Any hostel room may be inspected by the authorities at any time.
19. No private party shall be organized by any Hosteller in the hostel.
20. The Management reserves its right to cancel admission of undeserving Hostellers without giving any reason.
21. The Management reserves its right to increase the hostel fee. if necessary.
22. Meals are prepared as per the menu decided by the Management. No change will be permitted unless decided by the Authorities.
23. Every case of illness and accident must be reported to the Asst. Warden / Resident Warden immediately.
24. Hospitalization cost to be borne by the Hosteller.
25. Hostellers suffering from any contagious diseases will not be allowed to stay in the hostel.
26. The Management will not be responsible for any mishap.
27. All Hostellers shall ensure that lights / fans are switched off when not in use.
28. Every Hosteller is provided with a chair, a table, shelf and a coat. Furniture is not to be removed from one room to another. Hosteller will be responsible for the items given to him/her or the accessories in their room. If the accessories/electrical items are found to be damaged, fine will be collected from the respective
29. Throwing of water, colour water, etc. on one another and on the walls / property of the hostel are strictly prohibited. Walls, furniture and doors should not be defaced with pencil or chalk marks.
30. Hostellers should not keep any costly items, jewellery etc. in their rooms. Management will not be responsible for loss of any such items.
31. Mobile phones will be allowed only at specified timings and the usage will be according to the guidelines issued from time to time. Multimedia mobile phones will not be entertained and only base model can be used in the Hostel.
32. Use of Iron Box, Electric Heater. Electric Cooker and TAB’S are strictly banned.
33. No student is allowed to bring or keep his/her vehicle inside the hostel premises.
34. All waste materials should be properly disposed in the bin bag provided. It is the responsibility of the room inmates to keep the bathrooms clean and tidy.
35. Washed clothes should be dried only in the space provided. No wet clothes should be hanged in the room/verandah.
36. No student is allowed to pin nails on the wall.