Malayalam language is a member of the family of  "South Dravidian Languages" .     Malayalam is spoken mainly in India.It is the official language of the State of Kerala and  the Union Territory of Lakshadweep.It is also spoken  by bilingual communities in contiguous parts of Karnataka and Tamilnadu.
    Grammarians,linguists,and scholars have put forward their own ideas about the origin of Malayalam,but most of these views are un-realistic.One of the most conservative ideas is that
    Malayalam  was originated fromthe vedic  Language Sanskrit.Some scholars believe that Malayalam language had been  developed from ancient prakrit.There is another School of Thought which says that tribes living in the forests spoke in their own  independent language, and got transformed over the years to become Malayalam language.Scholars have also expressed surprise on how Malayalam and Tamil having similarity on many themes eventhough  remained distinct.While some argue that Malayalam is the "DAUGHTER OF DRAVIDIAN LANGUAGE AND SISTER OF TAMIL". However,Scholars , who are familiar with Modern Language History and Comparative Literatur, has  developed  noble  view, regarding Malayalam along  with Tamil,Kotha,Kodak and Kannada ,all these  Languages  belong to  Dakshina Dravidian Family.It is clearly evident that Malayalam has close  affinity  with Tamil language,because both the Languages have a "common root and origin".

     Evolution  of Malayalam as an independent language is witnessed , in the records and proclamations of the 9th Century.Malayalam and Tamil  had became  different languages  over the four or five Centuries [9th century to13th century].Though it was necessary to recreate the spoken language of the period,it never materialized.Among the four majorDravidian languages Malayalam happened to be the last to develop literary works of itsown.No doubt,Tamil has proved its existence of being the mostancient and possessing arichtradition.So,it is only natural that Keralites too would want to get in to the bandwag  on of being the oldest language.The influence of Tamil on Malayalam language can bediscernedinthevery first decadesofitsevolution. Though Malayalam was the language of the masses,Tamil received the State of ascholarly language in the western parts of Kerala.Gradually,with the passage oftime,Malayalam rose to dizzy heights,finding place in royal proclamations and documents Brahmins in south India,an Kerala in particular,had an upperhand matters of culture,thanks to the over catching influence and understanding of Sanskrit.Thus they couldi nfluence Kerala life and language.The influences of the Aryan language can be noticed in the sounds,form sofsentence,structure,meaningsetc.inuseinMalayalam.This  influence has acted like a catalyst.

    THUNCHATHU RAMANUJAN EZHUTHACHAN was the first person  to substitute Grantha-Malayalam script for the Tamil vattezhuttu.Ezhuthachan is regarded as the father of the modern Malayalam language, who undertooke laborate translation of the ancient Indian epics Ramayana and Mahabharata into Malayalam.
    The Malayalam department offers  Second  Language  Curriculum, in KMEA College of Arts and Science,from the first academic year of it's establishment as part of B.Com Degree programme..The department formed an association named “CREATIVE WRITERSFORUM’’for guiding ,training and encourage students to participate invarious  cultural  Programmes. Which  is useful to enhance the knowledge and  skills  and to display their hidden talents.

    *To bring awareness among our students about Malayalam as one ofthe Classical Language.
    *To impart the values and realities of life and make them socially conscious through the Literature.
    *To compare and translate the literature of other languages in to Malayalam.

    *To understand the nuance ofMalayalam Civilization and Malayalam Culture through literature.
    *To bring out the creativity inherent among the  students and helping them to nurture them.

    Malayalam Department aims to provide Socially Conscious,Linguistically Skilled,Intellectually Competent,Critically analyzing ability, while promoting the values of Justice,Equality,Liberty development through its Educational Programmes.
    We are conducting many Cultural Programs for promoting the language and literature and  also the talents of the students.The department of Malayalam conducted writing  Online competition named ‘THOOLIKA’ which compost of events like story writing,Poetry writing and Essay writing.

    FACULTY  :  Ms.SREEJA P DAS,  MA (Malayalam),B.Ed,NET