English has been regarded as the first global Lingua Franca as it exerting the great influence over the world. Even though English has not officially recorded or no law that everyone should know English, People think that English could and will become the main source of communication. It is estimated that around 2 million people around the world speaks English and it is continuously increasing, which ground the universal applicability of the English Language.


                        English as a language has evolved from the beginning of AD and it is amazing for English has been used for hundreds of years and it still continues on developing. Origin of English can be traced with invasion of Germanic tribe named Angles, Saxon and Judes of the Engla land, the Land of Angles, which had later led to the development of Modern English in the new land of England, through its rapid development through the Middle English period. English as a unique and parent- independent discipline which had birth to wide variety of English such as American English, Australian English, Canadian English, Indian English etc. As Timothy J Scares “English is not only important in getting a better job it is everywhere in Social interaction.  If you can’t speak it, then you are nobody”.  This makes clear the prestigious position the language over the world.  English dominates business, media and publication. The growth and spread of English in developing countries like India has given a new dimension to careers in the field of writing and teaching the language. It has provided new and exciting opportunities to people and has increased scope of English has a career.


                        English literature as a separate discipline of English Language was took its birth in the hands of Geoffrey Chaucer, who is the Father of English Literature. And it also enjoyed its childhood in the hands of Benjonson, Christopher Marlow and Shakespeare, who are the key figure in enriching the vocabulary.  There are also other  numerous writers who were acted as the pillars in literature like William Caxton, Samuel Johnson, Alexander Pop, Dryden, Word worth, Tennyson, Joyce, Eliot,  Aldus Huxley and the list never ends as the evolution of both  Language and Literature exist till the last human race.English Literature mainly involves three main Genres such as Prose, Poetry and Drama.  Literature as a discipline of study, it has numerous branches such as  pure Literature, Mass Media, Journalism , Communicative English  Phonetics etc. So each scholar  from literature can occupies his own identity in media houses, publishing Houses, MNCs and other industries in both private and public sectors. Whether you want to explore literature, mass media, journalism or technical communication our department is also about to provide platform as we have already applied for the B.A English with triple main to pursue and meet up the diverse interest of the students.


                      The Department of English of KMEA is one of the prestigious departments, which started functioning with the inception of our college in 2013.  The Department facilitates young and enthusiastic learners to develop right attitude, sharpen language skills and gain knowledge of literature to meet their career goals and live up to the expectations of the society.The English Department always seeks to provide students with an education of the highest quality in the English language and in critical and creative writing, judiciously combining with employability skills such as soft skills, English for new technologies, technical writing, etc. to ensure effective communication and career options.The department offers English as the first language in UG programs viz, (Computer Application) (Finance and Taxation), BBA and BCA.The students are introduced to English Language during their I& II years as its academic achievement lies in nurturing the creativity and scholarly abilities of  the students and preparing them to study overseas and find new and fruitful prospects.


                     To develop students as Academically bright, moulded in Goodness of Character,  with knowledge, Positive attitude and skills, necessary for succeeding  in life.


               To impart holistic Excellent Education, where every student will develop their skills, Positive attitudes and Academic qualifications, leading to Academic Excellence and Personality Development.


    Department has fortunately been endowed with a team of faculty ever dedicated to the task entrusted and willing to walk an extra mile to accompany these students in their odyssey of personality development and placement. They strive to bring out the best in students by moulding their character, sharpening their communicative skills and equipping them to face the challenges in life.


                                        Ms.SARITHA VINOD     MA(English),NET,(HOD)

                                        Ms.RASEENA ABOO     MA(English),NET,

                                        Ms.DANI VARKEY         MA(English),B.Ed


    • An Inter departmental quiz competition in occasion with “Reading Day”.
    • Observation of Reading Day on 19th June with Adv. PA Abdul Majeed Parakkadan as the Chief Guest.
    • Celebrated “Malayala Bhasha Dhinam" with the famous writer Dr.Manjula.K.M as the chief guest.
    • Essay, poetry, debate and short story writing competition as a part of Arts Day,Conducted literary competition as the part KeralaPiravi.