The purpose of the BBA course is to make the best use of resources available i.e., Human, Material, Money, Equipment, Time, in order to achieve a given objective..Department of Business Administration started functioning in the year of  2013 withthe  affiliation from M.G.University.At present,we cater to the undergraduate course (B.B.A.) affiliated to M.G.University and the department is supported by 4 experienced faculty members who dedicate their service to around 150 students in the department and also takes management related subjects in other departments. Teaching and learning process involves extensive classroom instructions, field experiences and project works. Continuous Monitoring and evaluation is also in place.The faculty and the department is updated with the latest circulars and curriculum modifications and also takes keen focus on the project related topics as prescribed in the programme.


    To provide value based Quality  Education in harmony,with the  changing Global Environment.


    1. *To impart knowledge to individuals and to inculcate social consciousness thereby enabling them to face the challenges of life with courage and
    2. *To provide competency-driven education, a core component of our growth and .
    3. *Offering the best professional development and career management opportunities for our
    4. *Fostering the growth of faculty and staff through professional development plans and programs.


                                           The quality of the BBA programme has become important for positioning oneself in the Job Market.Since day one, the department has been constantly striving to achieve excellence in the field of Management Education by focusing on qualitative teaching. The department has been successful in adopting innovative methods of imparting management education and preparing the students to meet the challenges of the industry. We are catering to the interest of undergraduate students by making a conducive classroom environment, dissemination of knowledge and application of knowledge.The Department has endeavored to project its faculty members as mentors who develop students and stimulate their growth beyond the classroom boundaries. Students are moulded with innovated spirit, tolerance and desire to make a difference in the society.The Department’s strength lies in well qualified and experienced faculty who always thrive to deliver professional knowledge and impart interpersonal skills for the overall development of students to meet the expectations of the corporate world.The Department has all the necessary infrastructure for carrying Academic Activities The placement cell has a good record of providing placement to students into Reputed Companies.With all these inputs, we always strive to provide value based education for the overall development of student personality. We adopt modern techniques of teaching pedagogy in delivering the subject and also through Guest Lectures, Seminars, Workshops, Industrial Visits and Personality Development activities.

    The Department also encourages students to organize management events and also make them participate in management events organized by other Management Institutions .With this introduction, the Department welcomes you to join in exploring the new horizons of Management Education. I sincerely appreciate the encouraging and supporting attitude of our Principal & Management whose consistent support and encouragement gives motivation to climb the ladder .I am grateful to all academic, administrative and support staff of the College. I look forward to continuing my interaction with the students and parents who constantly remind us about the importance of our endeavor.Within a short period of time, the department has emerged as a promising institute in the field of management studies at the undergraduate level under the M.G.University.We assure your ward to be responsible citizen with skills to face challenges of life.We look forward for greater association with you.


                                  The Bachelor of Business Administration(BBA) is a Choice Based Credit System(C.B.C.S.) Programme of M.G.University which is covered in 6 semesters (3 years). It is a judicious mix of all functional elements of Business studies which provide participants with foundational knowledge on different aspects of the administration of a business concern. It includes at one end the need to realize why organizations exist and at the other end it shows the new frontiers to which it can be developed.. At the undergraduate level no other course provide the student a feel and basic understanding on such a variety of disciplines. BBA is a specialized course designed for students with an analytical and computative bent of mind. The program is also meant for those who want to pursue a Professional Course for graduation and want to kickstart a career in the corporate management sector. He/She should be able to grasp concepts of finance, economics, operations, human resources etc These disciplines are not merely touched upon but are dealt taking the serious contributions it can provide to running business enterprises. The course is designed in such a fashion to provide ample scope for practical exposure to the problems and opportunities of real business. The two project studies (Minor in 3rd semester) and other practical (Major in 6th semester) as well as the mandatory requirements of three industrial visits and resultant report presentation will provide a cutting edge to this under graduate programme over the other similar ones.

    1. *To produce highly qualified and value oriented Managers and Technologists.
    2. *To impart basic and operational knowledge in all Functional areas of Management.
    3. *To make young BBA’S a changing agents in the society by fostering values.
    4. *To build a strong foundation which improves the chance of getting hired by Corporate Companies or get selected for MBA/PGDM(The PG Programmes).
    • The Minor project (Group) in the third semester and the viva-voce examination cum dissertation valuation shall be done internally for 50 marks
    • Management Projects to be done individually in the sixth Each individual student has to undergo one month implant training plus project study in a reputed organization (with established functional departments). 30 day implant training certificate is mandatory with the project report. Project study on selected management topic need to be conducted during this period in the context of the organization. Project dissertation and report writing (minimum 40 pages) at the conclusion of the study. The project report should satisfy all the requisite of the research methodology theory. There will be two examinations, one internal (20 marks) and another external (80 marks) based on the report.
    • Evaluation of Project, assignment, seminar, viva, internal assessment, test paper. Group project designed for Minor Individual project designed for management project. Marks for external examination: 80 Marks:Internal evaluation: 20 Marks: Components of Management Project Evaluation (External) Dissertation (External) 50 Marks :Viva-Voce (External) 30 Marks Total 80 Marks :Components of Management Project Evaluation (Internal) Dissertation (Internal) 10 Marks Viva-Voce (Internal) 10 Marks Total 20 Marks: Components of Minor Project Marks Evaluation (Internal) Third Semester Dissertation (Internal) 80 Marks Viva-Voce (Internal) 20 Marks Total 100 Marks
    1. Industrial Visits-The programme makes it mandatory in three semesters namely third, fourth and fifth to organise an industrial visit Preferably one to a manufacturing unit, another to a service sector and still another to a start-up village. Individual reports including photographs and illustration of the visit certified by the faculty in charge need to be prepared and submitted. These three reports are submitted to the external examiner for the sixth semester project viva- voce for the successful completion of the programme. The student who fails to submit satisfactory report will be considered as not completed the programme successfully.

    Department is proud to announce the list of students who have went abroad for higher studies:

    • Nishban Basheer, a student who passed in 2016 went to to pursue his MBA in Canada and currently is an entrepreneur
    • Athira P A, an B.A. aspirant this department in 2018 went to UK for higher studies and currently is a pot graduate student in management.
    • Muhammed Fazil and Arshad Arif ,both students passed out in 2018 has been issued letter of recommendation [ LOR ] in 2020 from the department for pursuing higher studies in
    • Adil, 2019 pass out has also been issued letter of recommendation in 2020 from the Department for pursuing higher studies

                             Department of Business Administration in collaboration with KMEA College of Engineering has invited many corporates to come face to face with our students. Many of our students got the opportunity to get placement in large and medium scale companies and in MNCs.


                            BBA department is proud to have Saheel O K, 2018 (intake) who has been selected for paper presentation in Seminar scheduled to be conducted by Asia World Model United Nations IV in Bali on the topic “Addressing Tobacco Free Initiative as a Global Action Plan Malaysia”. -This event was scheduled for July 3 - 6, 2020. He has attended two seminars previously.

    • World Health Organization at Asia World Model United Nations III, Indonesia on,“The Implementation of World’s Agenda 2030”.This was held on 13-16 November, 2019.
    • Asia World Model United Nations II in Bangkok on, “Be The Leader The World Needs”. This was held on January 30 to February 2,
    • To make paper presentations, attend FDP programme for enrichment of faculty.
    • To conduct seminar on various topics with selected students from each class. 
    • Invite corporate leaders and discussion with students on organizational aspects.