Physical Education
    Physical Education

    The Department of Sport continued to contribute meaningfully to College life via the delivery of Enjoyable, inclusive and varied sports and health related activities. Not with standing the challenging arena within which all facets of the University now operate, the sporting offer to students, staff, graduates and community users remains to be of a high standard, great value and reflective of the excellence enshrined within Trinity’s strategic objectives.

    The Sports team welcomed a number of new appointments and internal movements but the ethos and philosophy remained the same – the provision of quality facilities, services and programmes for all users. The mission of the Sports Department continues to get stronger as we align ourselves very closely with the Colleges Strategic direction, working with many of the other Services and Departments to identify areas where sport can add value and contribute significantly to a very positive student experience. Sport and Recreation provision is an essential student service and contributes very uniquely to the quality of students’ lives, their physical and mental wellbeing and their personal and social development.

    The purpose of the Sports Department is to recognize the role played by sports in providing a rounded, well-balanced university education. The Sports Department and personnel are committed to developing and enhancing the vibrant sporting tradition through the provision of quality facilities, services and programmes for all customers. Provision and development of top quality university sport facilities.

    To encourage and promote the development of elite sports men and women.

    To raise the profile of College Sport through the promotion and marketing of College sport activities and facilities.

    To encourage more people to become involved in sport and recreation.

    To further develop the efficiency and effectiveness of the Sports Department and its staff, in providing a better service to members.

    To expand the academic linkage to sport.

    The Sports Department strives to achieve new and improved levels in relation to service for all in line with our Service Plan objectives. There were a number of successful achievements and developments throughout the last year, highlighted.