College Bus Rules

1. Bus Services are available only at the particular points in different directions.

2. Students who wish to enjoy the bus facility are directed to apply for the same in advance.

3. They have to remit annual bus fee in advance.

4. Students will have to collect bus pass from the college office before enjoying bus facility. They are also directed to produce bus pass when demanded for by the authorized person.

5. Bus fee once remitted will not be refunded in any case.

6. If a student wants to discontinue the bus facility he/she must apply for the same in advance before starting the particular is not allowed after starting the semester. If discontinues after starting a semester he/she will have to remit the bus fee of the semester.

7. Students must behave with the dignity and courtesy in the bus and they are forbidden from destroying the internal arrangements of the bus.

8. Students who have no bus pass are strictly forbidden from travelling in the bus.